Get Pre-Qualified for a Car Loan in Kansas City

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Pre-Qualified Auto Financing: FAQ

What do I need to get approved for a car loan?

If you need new or used Honda financing in Kansas City, all you’ll require to get pre-qualified for a loan is your contact information, social security number, date of birth, and the type of vehicle you’d like to finance. That’s it!

Is pre-approval the same as pre-qualified?

The differences between pre-approved car loans and pre-qualified car loans are subtle, though it’s important to note that they are not the same.

With pre-approved auto financing, lenders review your credit report to determine your loan eligibility and rate. This is often a “hard credit pull” or “hard inquiry,” in that the inquiry may impact your credit score by a small amount.

Pre-qualified auto financing is much easier and won’t affect your credit. This is because lenders perform a “soft credit pull” or “soft inquiry,” which only checks your credit score. Getting pre-qualified for a car loan won’t damage or impact your credit history, but it provides you with a good estimate of your maximum car loan amount and interest rate.

Why should I get pre-qualified for a vehicle loan?

There are numerous benefits to requesting pre-qualified automotive financing early, including the following:

  • Know your credit score
  • Figure out your budget
  • See your estimated interest rate
  • Strengthen your negotiation position
  • Shop for better rates
  • Spend less time in your dealership’s financing office
  • Shop at your own pace
  • No negative impact on credit history

Am I guaranteed to get approved for a loan?

Getting prequalified for an auto loan doesn’t guarantee your approval. However, because it doesn’t impact your credit score, a pre-qualified car loan application is generally a good place to start. If you get denied, you can stop there without risking the hard credit pull from a preapproved car loan application.

At our Overland Park Honda dealership, we do everything in our power to ensure every customer gets pre-qualified for auto financing! Simply speak to a member of our Honda Finance department to understand your options.

Are interest rates different for pre-owned, new and certified used Honda loans?

Excellent question! There is no set interest rate for vehicle type; vehicle finance rates (APR) will vary from individual to individual. The best way to get the lowest new or used Honda APR is to speak with your auto finance expert or shop around.

Is my information protected?

Yes, all information submitted is secured and private. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we protect our users’ information.